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“A three second exposure meant that subjects had to stand very still to avoid being blurred, and holding a smile for that period was tricky. As a result, we have a tendency to see our Victorian ancestors as even more formal and stern than they might have been.”

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What happens when you type business woman into Getty Images

World Cup Drinking Game

Everyone must either down a shot of Milk of Magnesia or tweet their last Google search when: 

1. A commentator talks about goal line technology 

2. A commentator talks about foam line technology 

3. A commentator refers to a player as an ‘artist’ 

4. A commentator talks about any other World Cup (2 shots for mentioning England’s last win in 1966)

5. A commentator says “they really want to win this”

6. There’s a shot of really attractive girls in the crowd wearing dumb hats

7. There’s a shot of really unattractive men in the crowd wearing dumb hats

8. There’s a shot of important local people in the posh seats who no-one knows

9. There’s a shot of someone whose face paint has half-melted from the heat

10. The referee gets shouted at by a player, or a coach

11. A player scores a goal and doesn’t manage to run from his team mates before they pile on for an involuntary piggy-back

12. A player scores a goal and points to no-one in particular

13. A player scores a goal, slides on his knees, and tugs on his shirt 

14. A player falls to the ground, looks around to see if anyone noticed, then starts screaming in agony.

15. A player slaps another player on any part of their body (ass is 2 shots) 

16. You see a coach with his arms folded, chewing gum

17. A player is hauled off the pitch in an orange plastic canoe

18. You see someone looking bored in the crowd

19. A player doesn’t sing his national anthem

20. A commentator says “they really don’t want to lose this one”

Women eating chocolate with their eyes closed.